StartDate Applicant Tracking System

Branding & UI for an HR Software system

  • StartDate logo
  • StartDate logo
  • StartDate mockups

The project

Work included:

  • Informational brochures and postcards
  • Banner stand and tradeshow handouts
  • A website to showcase its features
  • Graphics for print, web and advertising
  • Software UI design, mockups and improvements

As part of the parent company (HireGround Software), Briana created the original logo and brand to help kickstart the growth of the new software. She was also instrumental in the product's UI, providing ideas and input into the look and feel of the software itself.

The term StartDate references the 'Start Date' of a new hire. The product name highlights the focus of a faster, simpler hiring process. What makes this Applicant Tracking System unique is its emphasis on mobility and ease of use while delivering complex and powerful tools. The logo shows the hands of a clock, to symbolize work hours saved for its users and the overall brand is friendly, approachable and colourful, with a "flat" aesthetic. A bright colour scheme helps this brand to be memorable, and stand out among the competition.