P3 Paddle Zone

Launching a fitness business in a new collaborative space

  • P3 Paddle Zone logo
  • paddle zone logo variations
  • business card
  • postcards

The project

A logo and website were needed to brand the new space and establish a solid visual identity.

  • A logo, with orientation and colour variations
  • Business Cards
  • Promo Flyers & postcards
  • Responsive website bringing together the different 'zones'

Bold, black and red fit with this business’s strong athletic focus. The text is confident, friendly and approachable. The negative space of the P forms a paddle, adding a cool visual element and further connection to the sport. Credit goes to the wonderful Jen Chen for the original paddle-P concept. I developed her idea further by refining the P3 shape, changing the colour, and aligning and customizing the type. The logo has variations for horizontal and vertical use, as well as a dark or light background.

The website gives emphasis to photos, is easy to browse through and read, and is responsive for mobile screens. Visit the site at p3paddlezone.ca

p3 paddle zone space
p3 paddle zone banner