Cetacean Communications

Branding for a new policy analysis business

  • cetacean business cards
  • cetacean logo
  • cetacean stationary

The project

The visual brand needed to convey a professional feel with a personal touch. The project included:

  • Letterhead, envelopes & fax cover sheet
  • Business cards
  • Web-friendly icon & logo
  • Graphics for web & social media use
  • Setup and layout of Wordpress blog

The logo is made up of two whales interacting with each other while their overlapping position mimics speech bubbles. The dark purple colour alludes to the ocean but is different enough from a marine blue to help separate the company from ocean-related organizations. The whales are whimsical without being childlike, and friendly without being casual. The font used also helps to maintain the personal-yet-professional feeling: a more formal serif typeface softened by curves and rounded edges.